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Amazing Taste & Beautiful Place

Lunch Menu


**All Served With Your Choice of Chips**

  • American Grilled Cheese $8.05

    American Cheese, Sliced Sourdough Bread

  • BAGC
    BAGC $10.00

    Avocado, American Swiss Cheese, Bacon, Sliced Sourdough

  • Italian Grilled Cheese $8.91

    Marina Sauce, Pepperoni, American Swiss Cheese, Sliced Sourdough

  • Ham & Cheese Panini $8.91

    Ham and American Cheese, Sliced Sourdough

  • Turkey & Swiss Panini $8.91

    Turkey, American Swiss Cheese, Sliced Sourdough

  • Pizziola $10.92

    Marinara Sauce, Sliced Peperoni, Grilled Chicken, Mixed Cheeses with a Ranch Dipping Sauce

  • BBQ Griller $13.22
  • Buffalo Griller $13.22


***Gluten Free Available $1.00 additional***

  • Pepperoni
    Pepperoni $9.20

    Marinara Sauce, Peperoni, Mozzarella, & Parmesan

  • Margarita $10.92

    Marinara, Sliced Tomato, Basil, Diced Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella Balsamic Drizzle

  • BBQ Chicken $10.92

    BBQ Sauce, Diced Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar & Mozzarella

  • Enchilada $10.92

    Enchilada Sauce, Diced Grilled Chicken, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Mozzarella, Cheddar & Cilantro Lime Drizzle

  • Greek $11.50

    Spicy Feta Spread, Diced Grilled Chicken, Olive Tapenade, Mozzarella & Balsamic Drizzle

  • Cheeseburger $11.50

    Nacho Cheese Sauce, Ground Beef, Tomato, Bacon, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Mustard Drizzle

  • Farmhouse $11.50

    Fig Preserve, Pulled Pork, Brussels Sprouts, Gouda, Feta, Bacon & Balsamic Glaze

  • Creamy Chicken Quesadilla $14.37

    Spinach Dip, Diced Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Mozzarella with a Ranch Dipping Sauce

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla $14.37

    Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce, 5 Assorted Cheeses

  • Cajun Quesadilla $15.52

    Crawfish Tails, Sauteed Bell Peppers, Celery, Onions, Andouille Sausage, & 5 Assorted Cheeses


  • Lunch Combo $10.06

    ½ Ham & Cheese, Turkey, or Chicken Salad on Croissant, White, Wheat or Rye Served with your choice of Chips and Either a Cup of Soup or Side House or Caesar Salad

  • Lunch Trio $12.36

    ½ Ham & Cheese, Turkey, or Chicken Salad on Croissant, White, Wheat or Rye Served with your choice of Chips and Both a Cup of Soup or Side House or Caesar Salad

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos $13.80

    2 Tacos Stuffed with BBQ Pulled Pork, Served with Loaded Potato Soup

  • Blackened Red Fish $18.63

    Cajun Spiced Red Drum Covered in Crawfish Etouffee, Topped with a few Fried Green Tomatoes, Garnished with Pickled Okra and Grape Tomato & Red Pepper Drizzle

  • Bruschetta Chicken $12.59

    Grilled Chicken Breast Topped with Freshly Marinated Red and Yellow Tomatoes, Olives, Banana Peppers, Balsamic and Olive Oil Served with a Spring Salad

  • Creole Cornbread with BlackenedShrimp $14.95

    Sweet Cornbread with Creole Vegetables, Crawfish Tails, Andouille Sausage, Served with a Side Salad Topped with 6 Cajun Spiced Blackened Jumbo Shrimp

  • Chicken and Waffles
    Chicken and Waffles $13.80

    4 fluffy waffle squares, with 3 battered and friend chicken tenders served with your choice of syrup of our hot honey

  • Blackened Shrimp Pistolette $16.33

    Deep fried French loaf stuffed with a cajun étouffée and severed with 6 jumbo blackened shrimp


  • Cookies $1.63 Each or $16.10 a Dozen

    Chocolate Chip, Raspberry Short Bread, Sugar, No Bake

  • Lemon Bars
    Lemon Bars $5.17 Each or Whole ¼ Sheet $27.60
  • Mini Pecan Pies $5.17 Each
  • Cracker Candy
    Cracker Candy $5.17 Each
  • Cake Pops
    Cake Pops $3.11 Each or $9.20 4-Packs

    Wedding, Chocolate, Birthday, Oreo


  • Croissant $1.86
  • Muffins
    Muffins $3.16

    Blueberry or Banana Nut

  • Bagels $4.08

    Plain, Blueberry, Cinnamon Raison, and Everything Seasoned

  • Fruit Cup $4.71

    Assorted Fresh Fruit

  • Parfait
    Parfait $5.29

    Layers of Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Granola Topped With Whipped Cream

  • Avocado Toast
    Avocado Toast $4.71

    Whole Wheat Toast, a Whole Avocado, and Our Everything Season Blend

  • Bacon Avocado Toast $6.44

    Our Avocado Toast with Added Crispy Bacon

  • Good Morning $7.59

    Our Avocado Toast, with added Bacon, and topped with 2 Eggs

  • Everything Bagel Sandwich
    Everything Bagel Sandwich $6.90

    A Toasted Everything Bagel with Eggs, American Cheese, and your Choice of Ham, Bacon, or Sausage

  • Croissant Sandwich $5.23

    A Toasted Croissant with Eggs, American Cheese, and your Choice of Ham, Bacon, or Sausage

  • Grilled Stuffed Burrito $6.90

    Eggs, American Cheese, and your Choice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage in a Flour Tortilla That’s Grilled and Pressed

  • Breakfast Melt $5.98

    Eggs, American Cheese, and your Choice of Ham, Bacon, or Sausage between 2 Slices of our Sourdough Bread and Grilled and Pressed

  • Cinnamon Roll Dippers $7.47

    4 Cinnamon Rolls, Cooked to Order and Served with a Cream Cheese Glaze

  • Waffle
    Waffle $6.61

    4 Waffle Squares, Cooked to Order and Served with a Syrup

  • Red Velvet Waffle $6.61

    4 Red Velvet Waffle Squares, Cooked to Order and Served with a Cream Cheese Glaze

  • Waffle Sandwich
    Waffle Sandwich $7.18

    Eggs, American Cheese, and your Choice of Ham, Bacon, or Sausage Served Between 2 Fresh Made Waffle Squares

  • Breakfast Charcuterie $27.60


  • Chips $1.86

    Plain, Baked, Baked BBQ, Jalapeno, Salt & Vinegar, Doritos, Cajun, and Voodoo

  • Soup $4.31-$6.03
  • Fruit Cup $4.71

    Assorted Fresh Fruit

  • Side Salad $4.71

    Spring Mixed Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese, bacon, croutons and your choice of dressing

  • Cheese Bread $6.90

    French Bread with 6 Melted Cheeses

  • Gulf Coast Cheese Bread $9.20

    French Bread topped with Crawfish Tails, Cajun Sausage and 6 Melted Cheeses

  • Artichoke Dip
    Artichoke Dip $8.05

    Served With Warm Pita Slices

  • Hummus
    Hummus $8.05

    Served With Warm Pita Slices

  • Charcuterie Plate $10.35 serves up to 2
    $14.95 serves up to 4

  • Supreme Cheese Bread $9.20

    Assorted Deli Meats, Cheeses, Dips and Relish


  • Chef $9.20

    Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Cheddar, Tomato, Cucumber, Croutons

  • Strawberry $8.33

    Fresh Strawberries, Feta, Sliced Almonds, Pecans, Bacon, Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

  • Caesar $7.18

    Romain Lettuce, Parmesan, Croutons, Caesar Dressing

  • Avocado $8.33

    Whole in Shell Avocado, Black Bean & Corn Salsa

  • Greek $8.33

    Romain, Green Olives, Black Olives, Tomato, Cucumber, Feta, Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Chicken Salad Sampler
    Chicken Salad Sampler $11.50

    Spring Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, a Portion of each of our 3 Chicken Salad with a Raspberry Vinaigrette

  • Taco Salad
    Taco Salad $10.35

    Spring Mixed Lettuce, Ground Beef, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Cucumbers, Cheddar, Doritos, with Catalina Dressing

  • Swamp Caesar $14.66

    Classic Caesar Salad Topped with 6 Jumbo Grilled Shrimp and A Swamp Caesar Dressing


  • Grilled Chicken Breast $3.73
  • 6 Grilled Shrimp $7.47
  • Chicken Salad $2.93
  • Spring Lettuce Only $1.15


***All Served With Your Choice of Chips***

  • Cuban $12.36

    Pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, & mustard on French Bread

    BLFGT $12.07

    Wheat Bread, Mayo, Bacon, Lettuce, & Fried Green Tomato

  • Chicken Salad $10.63

    Classic, Cranberry Pecan, or Apple Walnut served on your Choice of Bread, Wrap, or Bed of Lettuce

  • Club Sandwich $11.21

    Wheat, Mayo, Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Swiss, Lettuce & Tomato

  • Rueben
    Rueben $10.92

    Marbled Rye, Corned Beef, Swiss, Shredded Cabbage & 1000 Island Dressing

  • Apple Smokehouse $10.92

    Marbled Rye, Turkey, Bacon, Green Apple Slices, Spring Lettuce & House made Apple Mayo

  • Southwest Club $10.92

    Jalapeno Sourdough, Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Pepperjack, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Spring Lettuce & House Made Cilantro Lime Dressing

  • Pulled Pork $12.07

    Jalapeno Sourdough, BBQ Sauce, Smoked Pulled Pork & Cole Slaw

  • Hot Honey Chicken $12.07

    Crispy Fried Chicken In Hot Honey Sauce, Jalapeno Sourdough Bun, Cole Slaw

  • Chipotle Roast Beef $11.50

    Focaccia, Roast Beef, Cheese, Raspberry Chipotle Sauce & Spring Lettuce

  • Muffaletta
    Muffaletta $11.50

    Focaccia, Ham, Pepperoni, Pepperjack Cheese, Olive Tapenade & Spicy Feta Spread

  • Chicken Avocado Wrap $12.07

    Mixed Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Tomato, Avocado, Ranch, in a Flour Tortilla

  • Chicken Caesar Wrap $12.07

    Romain Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese, Grilled Chicken, Caesarin a Flout Tortilla

  • Greek Wrap $12.07

    Romain Lettuce, Feta, Tomato, Grilled Chicken, Olive Tapenade, Balsamic Dressing in a Flour Tortilla

  • Fiesta Wrap $12.07

    Mixed Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Cilantro Lime Dressing in a Flour Tortilla

Drink Menu

Frozen Drinks 20oz--$4.54-$5.28

  • Frappe

    Your Choice of Mocha, White Mocha, or Caramel Blended with an Espresso shot and Cold Milk

  • Vanilla Bean Frappe

    Basic White Vanilla Cream Blended Frappe

  • Birthday Cake

    Vanilla Bean Frappe with White Chocolate, Cupcake, and Rainbow Sprinkles

  • Oreo

    White Chocolate Cream Frappe with Oreo Crumbs, Whipped Cream, and ChocolateDrizzle

  • Campfire

    Chocolate Cream Frappe with Toasted Marsh- mallow, Toasted Marshmallow, Chocolate Drizzle, Whipped Cream & Graham Cracker Crumbs

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

    Chocolate Cream Frappe, Cupcake, Vanilla, Real Chocolate Chips Whipped Cream with Real Cookie Dough Topping

  • Captain Crunch

    A Special Combination of Flavors to Taste Just Like your Favorite Break Fast Cereal

  • Blue Cotton Candy

    Sweet, Creamy, Blended Cotton Candy Flavored with Whipped Cream and Real Cotton Candy Pieces

  • Green Tea Frappe
    Green Tea Frappe

    Smooth Green Macha Milk Tea Blended & Frozen

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

    Vanilla Bean Frappe with White Chocolate, Cupcake, Strawberry Swirl, Whipped Cream & Graham Cracker Crumbs

  • Mango freeze
    Mango freeze

    Frozen Mango & Pineapple Juices with a Strawberry

Craft Sodas $4.88-$6.60

  • Butter Beer

    Buttery Cream Soda with Whipped Cream and Caramel Drizzle Straight from Hogwarts

  • Pink Cotton Candy

    Sparkling Pink Creamed Soda with Sweet Vanilla & Raspberr

  • Pattaya Punch

    Lemon Lime Soda with Blue Coconut & Passion Fruit with Dragon Fruit Boba

  • Wedding Cake

    White Creamed Soda with Sweet Vanilla, Amaretto, & Cupcake

Juice Blends $4.83 - $8.28

  • Sunrise

    Raspberry Infused Orange Juice, Orange Juice, & Pineapple Juice

  • Blue Paradise

    Blue Coconut Sweetened Coconut Water & Pineapple Juice

  • Watermelon Refresher

    Watermelon Infused Coconut Water with Fresh Limes and Strawberries

  • Cantaloupe Cooler

    Fresh Tasting Sweet Cantaloupe Water

Specialty Iced Teas $4.31-$6.64

  • Backwoods

    Blackberry Sweetened Texas Tea with Lemonade with Lemon Pieces

  • Orange Citrus

    Lemonade, Passion Fruit Green Tea with Fresh Lime & Orange Slices

  • Very Berry Tea
    Very Berry Tea

    Red Raspberry Tea with Mixed Berries

  • Night Blossom

    -Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea with Hibiscus Infusion

  • SanTia

    Mixed Green Tea with Raspberry Tea, Fresh Orange Slices & Strawberries

  • Guava Tea

    Green Passion Fruit Tea with a Guava Infusion with Lime and Strawberry Pieces

  • Iced Dragon Fly

    Smooth Matcha Style Green Milk Tea

  • Dragon Flower Lemonade

    Dragon fruit infused butterfly pea flower tea, lemonade, & dragon fruit boba


  • Latte

    Fresh Espresso Shots with Steamed Milk and Foam

    20oz Iced------------------$4.83
    32oz Iced------------------$7.13

  • Cappuccino

    Fresh Espresso Shots with Hot Milk Froth


  • Brewed Coffee

    House Blend Medium Roast


  • Americano

    Espresso Shots and Hot Wate

    20oz Iced-----------------$5.46

  • Macchiato

    Upside Style Latte Served Iced with your choice of Flavor

    20oz Iced----------------$4.83
    32oz Iced----------------$7.13

  • Flavor Add Ons .68 Each

    Vanilla, Mocha, White Mocha, Caramel, Hazelnut, Sugar Free Vanilla, Sugar Free Mocha, Sugar Free Caramel, Sugar Free Hazelnut

  • Extras .29 ---.58

    Breve (1/2&1/2), Almond Milk, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Drizzle, Caramel Drizzle

Hot Specialty Teas

  • Herbal Teas

    Green, Peach/Dandelion, Mint, Hibiscus, Earl Gray, Jasmine/Oolong, Pomegranate, Lemon/Ginger

    12oz One Bag-------------$3.45
    20oz Two Bags------------$4.60

  • English Latte

    Earl Gray Tea with French Vanilla Syrup, and Steamed Milk


  • Spiced Chai
    Spiced Chai

    Traditional Indian Teas and Spices Combined with Steamed Milk

    Iced 20oz-----------------$5.18
    Iced 32oz-----------------$7.25

    Make it “Dirty” with an Extra Shot for $1.15

Specialty Hot Chocolates

  • Traditional Hot Chocolate

    Hot Cocoa with Steamed Milk Served with Whipped Cream
    12oz---$3.74, 16oz---$4.26, 20oz---$4.60

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate

    Traditional Hot Chocolate with a Spicy Cinnamon Twist
    12oz---$3.74, 16oz---$4.26, 20oz---$4.60

  • Almond Toffee Cocoa

    Traditional Hot Cocoa with Steamed Almond Milk and a Buttery Toffee Flavor
    12oz---$3.74, 16oz---$4.26, 20oz---$4.60

Specialty Lattes

16oz---$4.93         20oz---$5.28
Iced 20oz---$5.51         Iced 32oz---$8.72

  • Almond Joy
    Almond Joy

    Almond, Chocolate & Coconut Served with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Drizzle

  • Cinnamon Dulce

    White Chocolate, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Served with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon Dust

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll

    White Chocolate, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Cupcake Served with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon Dust

  • Crème Brulee

    French Vanilla & Caramel Served with Whipped Cream and Caramel Drizzle

  • Hazelnut Mocha

    Chocolate and Hazelnu

  • Nutty Irishmen

    Hazelnut and Irish Cream

  • S’more

    Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, & Toasted Marshmallow Served with Whipped Cream and Graham Cracker Crumbs

  • Raspberry Cheesecake

    White Chocolate, Cupcake, Raspberry Served with Whipped Cream and Graham Cracker Crumbs

  • Toffee Mocha

    Chocolate and English Toffee

  • Snickers

    Real Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Caramel